~ at the same time
Seriously discussing idle chatter #1

from friday the 27th of November
with an installation and a performance by Taocheng Wang
+ interventions by the RW crew
special opening hours: fri 27- sat 28 - sun 29
from 12 to 6

* performance sunday 29th of November 4.30pm (dress code: intellects) *

‘When I say hi and you say hello and the words are exchanged in kitchen-office tables or in front of modernist paintings across the ocean, how do I know for sure that what I’m saying and what you are speaking of is not just idle chatter?’


For centuries considered as the outskirt of language and meaning, chatter, gossip, scandal and even good manners form a distinctive performative body. You might think of chatter as a series of short quick high pitched sounds disturbing the elegant cool of the intellect, yet the secret of this peculiar kind of art resides in the talker's inframince gestures and subtle smile. Can idle chatter become secret happenings, suffragette’s weapons, silly words, words to mouth to legend? Come on over this weekend for some gossip and arrows. Our presentations is a response to the conceptual performative work of Amsterdam-based Mexican artist Ulisses Carrión (1941-1989), ‘On Gossip, Scandal and Good Manners’ (1981).


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With: Antonia Carrara, Ulisses Carrión, Sara van der Heide, Renate Jacobs,
Vincent Verhoef, Taocheng Wang, Arnisa Zeqo & friends.

* ‘Seriously discussing idle chatter’ is part of the ongoing research on experimental ways of presenting performative moments that Arnisa Zeqo initiated this last semester at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College.
* image by Taocheng Wang, 2015.

This presentation is part of Amsterdam Art Weekend Program thanks to