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Valentin Bouré

28.02 - 29.03.2015 ↙

⎛ Should I take him seriously when he talks like that? She's speaking all very glibly, about a subject of which she knows practically nothing. She's playing it casual. She thinks she needs them to read her so that she can check on their grammar as they misspell her. And this gives her material to forge a dissonant portrait of____ What was it that we were thinking about? Keep talking. Here we are now, sidewalking the matter. Wanting to make decisions that matter. Enhancing relations, technically freezing lifestyles with a click. Looking at each other, preparing a face to meet the faces that you meet. So, should she take him seriously when he talks like that? It's not about him or her or you or me or them, or about our talks. It's about a contact, a contact sheet being impressed, circulated, lost and found back later.⎞

Valentin Bouré
28.02 - 29.03.2015 ↙

Valentin Bouré lives in Paris. He is my neighbour, in the 18th district. Sometimes we get breakfast together halfway from our houses,
but lately he has given up coffee and I don't smoke - so I have cappuccino inside and I look at him through the bistrot windows
as he smokes outside in the cold. His work has been exhibited at Artists Space, New York, Shanaynay, Paris, Bodega, Philadephia, and as
you might remember, at Public Display of Affection, Rongwrong

this exhibition is §1 of L'éducation sentimentale
this exhibition could not have happened without the artist, and his family
an extra thank you to the Maison Descartes, Institut Français des Pays-Bas, Amsterdam

works in the exhibition

Dustin’s shell, 2014-2015. Silver gelatin print, framed. 179x117cm
Dustin, 2014-2015. Silver gelatin print, 190x127cm
Dustin at my place, Paris, 2014-2015. C–print, framed. 166x115 cm
Mélanie Matranga, Complex or complicated, 2015. Carpet installation.