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Home Sequence
Sascha Pohle

17.01 - 22.02.2015 ↙

Upcoming: Two Talks > please RSVP !

The Uncanny and Visual Culture
a talk by John C. Welchman*
_Friday, 30th of January_7.30 pm

Perceptions of the Self as the Other: Double-Visions in Literature and Film
a talk by Gerald Bär*
_Sunday, 1rst of February _ 2 pm

__For Home Sequence, Pohle restages his personal film archive in an ambivalent setting, between the private and the public and between the home and a typical video rental shop.
__The model of the video rental shop is based on Pohle’s memory of the former Cult Videotheek in Amsterdam. As the old media no longer hold any market value, like the VHS and the DVD, they become phantomized and transformed into objects that live as ghosts in the shadow of our constant modernization of technology. And so, eventually the video rental shop became as obsolete as what it tried to sell. Yet there still seem to be invisible bonds and vague identifications lurking under the surface that is haunting the new.
__The exhibition began with a conversation about the artists’ private collection of films that mostly deal with stories about the doppelganger and its proliferating variations and narratives. A doppelganger is literally a duplicated body going its own way. It often appears as a dueling opponent in the form of a mirror reflection, an alter ego, a look-alike, a shadow, a clone or an avatar.
__In the exhibition Home Sequence Pohle’s doppelganger film archive is presented as an animated ‚sculptural leftover’, which was initially stored in the artist’s home, but then started to expand and merge with the interior, the furniture and the urban memories of the artist.

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This exhibition will be accompanied by a series of talks with
*Dirk Fleischmann, *Nathalie Snel and *John C. Welchman. dates to be announced.

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25.1.2015 starting from 15.00

Tales of Tomorrow, Season 1, Episode 40
The Duplicates, 25 min, 1952,

Lights Out, Season 4, Episode 17
Perchance To Dream, 20 min 1949

The Twilight Zone, Season 1, Episode 21
Mirror Image, 26 min, 1960

Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Season 1, Episode 10
The Case of Mr. Pelham, 30 min, 1955 

Double Take
, Johan Grimonprez
80 min, 2009

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Sascha Pohle lives in Amsterdam, is from Düsseldorf, travels to South Korea, studied at the Städelschule and the Rijksakademie, exhibits in Munich, Bonn, Paris, Berlin, Seoul and likes films.

‘Home Sequence'
17.01 - 22.02.2015