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Julien Laugier, Guillaume Maraud, among others

17.04. - 17.05.2015

This show follows the installation by the artists in Paris of At L’Age d’Or, the mental image of an exhibition space. With this chapter, the initials A.O. unfold into the projection and potential of looking at as a prequel to actually make it. Everyone certainly already seems to be here. But no one is what he thinks; certainly not what one presents. And in fact everyone seeks some information, like a mirror seeks a face. Once it’s flowing in, information is like a pool of many faces. We pick up and give back. Though the window’s reflection is no fool and adds up all kind of glitches to its surface, as if to say: I’ll recognize you still among all the others.


Julien Laugier and Guillaume Maraud sometimes work as one but are not the same. Julien is part of castillo/corrales, a legendary parisian collectively-run art venue. He has initiated the exhibition currently on view there: The Group, which can be experienced as an archival counterpoint to the one in Rongwrong. Back in December, he published a reader of some sort named "of us". At the same time, Guillaume handed out to me a text called "Bohemian Research Commencement Speech" which includes the french translation of an essay by Stephan Dillemuth, among many footnotes. You might have read a phrase full of question marks, placed by him on the wall corner at Rongwrong during Absent-minded young typist last year.

Julien Laugier, Guillaume Maraud, Among Others
18.04 - 24.05.2015 ↙
this exhibition is §2 of L'éducation sentimentale
an extra thank you to the Maison Descartes, Institut Français des Pays-Bas, Amsterdam